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SciFi and Fantasy

A Grim Demise and Even Worse Resurrection
The tyranny of light has ruled for a thousand years… Now it ends. Max’s coworkers treat him like hot garbage and his manager is a superficial dolt. It might be worth it if he made any money but he doesn’t. Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed before he was even born and it’s way worse than working part-time in a coffee shop. Confronted out of the blue by a cackling demonic entity from another world, like a lot of things in his life, Max doesn’t take it seriously. So when he’s yanked by his bones into that world, he’s given every disadvantage the demon can dish out.

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Wholesale Slaughter
Logan Conner will do anything to save his people, even if it means giving up his name, his title and his honor to become a mercenary mech-warrior, the dregs of the galaxy. Because only as Jonathan Slaughter the leader of the Wholesale Slaughter mercenary company, can he infiltrate enemy territory and retrieve the technological secrets of a lost empire. And if they have to fight their way through pirates, bandits and an enemy task force to get there, well…they’re Wholesale Slaughter. Kicking ass is what they do.

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US UK and CA

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