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Murder at the Snowed Inn
Heartbroken after her beloved husband’s death, Claire Andersen—proud foster mom, dog mom, and culinary artisan—decides to try her hand at a new beginning, renovating an old B&B in idyllic Galway, Maryland on the edge of the enchanted Appalachian Mountains. She knew her fresh start would be exciting, but she never expected it to be tinged with enthralling adventure, romance that’s sweet as sweet can be … and murder!

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A Witch Named Hazel
A surprising call from a rather crabby lawyer was an unpleasant interruption to Hazel Holloway’s otherwise blissful day off. She’s baffled at the news that a great uncle she’s never even heard of before has left her his old funeral home. Stranger still, the mortuary is in an unfamiliar small town. Fullmourn is less than thirty minutes away, but the place is a complete mystery. Things get even weirder, though… More shocking than a surprise Great Uncle and a peculiar small town is the “gift” she receives from a ghost. The gift is the craft. Witchcraft, to be exact. The spirit of an old witch has to pass her magic onto someone before crossing the veil to the afterlife. Since no one shows up for her memorial, Hazel was the “lucky” recipient of her strange and unusual powers.

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