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Dance Me A Dream
Jace Applewhite is home for the holidays, helping out on his family’s Christmas tree farm and enjoying some much needed downtime between semesters of grad school. He’s intrigued by the sexy and serious barista from The Daily Grind, but she’s got a Hand’s Off vibe that can be seen from miles away. Tara Honeycutt missed most of her college years being single parent to her two younger half siblings. Working multiple jobs, she’s forgotten what it’s like to be a normal twenty-something. All her focus is on giving the kids some new holiday memories.

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Stone One Tough Texan
Stone, a lonely daddy of a tiny boy, refuses to see the cattle ranch his family built through blood, sweat, and tears fail. But at this point, it’s going to take a miracle to save it. Wy, a talented female landman, has made an impressive career in the oil and gas industry and she just might be able to give Stone that miracle. To succeed in a man’s world, Wy has made her career her life, but Stone’s sweet drawl and southern manners begin to break apart the walls she’s built around her heart.

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Her Billionaire Cowboy’s Fake Marriage
The last thing cowboy Wade McCoy expects when his beloved billionaire granddaddy dies is for him to require Wade to marry in order to save the vast McCoy Ranch that they both loved and built together. But that is exactly his granddaddy’s requirement: Wade has to marry within three months, stay married for at least three months or he loses it all, for him and his brothers. He doesn’t like it, but his granddaddy didn’t raise him to walk away from anything and there has never been a challenge he couldn’t win…with no plans to lose the ranch he loves now Wade just has to find a woman who will go along with this crazy idea.

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