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Welcome to Coco Bay
Tourism director Emily is reluctantly back in Australia after five years in Canada. Having left her previous job under less than ideal circumstances, she finds it almost impossible to secure new employment without a professional reference. Luckily, after discovering an ad placed in the wrong category online, she fudges her way into a night manager role at Coco Bay Island Resort at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. However, on arriving at the island, she discovers the resort is still recovering from a cyclone two years prior, and no one competent seems to be in charge.

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The Opposite of Addie
Single mom Addie never thought she’d see Jake again after her sudden departure from his life. When Jake shows up all these years later and meets her daughter—their daughter—Addie’s got a choice to make. Dealing with grief over her mother’s death and her father’s deception, Addie can’t let Jake into their lives. Even if he has reignited a spark inside her, he’s already proven he doesn’t want a family. But she’s starting to feel alive again. Maybe he’s changed?

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