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Mind in Rehabilitation
An insightful voyage into the unique experience of persons with disabilities. Golan suffered a serious brain injury in the war, and must cope with the consequences; Nadav, ten years old, with a congenital orthopedic disability that prevented his leg from developing properly, is struggling for his standing among his classmates; Rina is dealing with the recurrence of breast cancer and the uncertainty of her future life.

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Love Over Fear
In this poignant personal memoir, Art Geffner shares his emotional journey from a childhood full of loss and abandonment to an adulthood blessed with an abundance of love. The loss of his father in WW II when Art was just a toddler, a devastating bus accident and the bullying because of his small stature resulted in years of crippling anxiety and depression. Art was able to transform his life through a spiritual awakening to the Oneness of All, his inner work with a skilled therapist and finding love with family and friends.

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