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Both Sides of the Law
Casper Halliday’s dream began to unravel two months before his sixteenth birthday. His father, Bobby, resigned from the NYPD after fifteen years without an explanation. Casper’s parents fought. Sirens closed in on their home from every direction. The sound that had always been a source of comfort now brought only humiliation. Bobby Halliday moved out.

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First Light of Day
In the fictional, part one of the book, the world is on the brink of creating the first truly sentient machines. Technology has changed everything from travel and work to government and even personal relationships. Most developed societies are segregated between high-end knowledge workers who enjoy all the benefits of life in the new digital cities and the majority of the population who have been rendered economically superfluous. The characters’ inner struggles are intellectual, philosophical and spiritual—and their time before losing control of their lives to their own creations is running out.

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