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Rebekka Franck: Vol 1-3
Journalist Rebekka Franck returns to her hometown with her six-year-old daughter. She is trying to escape her ex-husband and starting a new life for her and her daughter when the small sleepy town experiences a murder. One of the country’s wealthiest men is brutally murdered in his summer residence. While Rebekka Franck and her punk photographer Sune try to cover the story for the local newspaper another murder happens on a high society rich man. Now Rebekka Franck realizes that the drowsy little kingdom of Denmark has gotten its first serial killer and soon a series of dark secrets – long buried but not forgotten – will see the light of day.

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The Girl on Gander Green Lane
Sarah Standon is living the dream, at least that’s what everyone tells her. She is the wife of a successful solicitor who looks like a movie star. They live a Stepford existence and appear to have it all. Then, one fateful night, everything changes. A terrible accident leaves Sarah alone to deal with a situation so frightening she starts to question her grip on reality. Her perfect life has been exposed as the lie it always was and she loses everything.

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Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou’s pursuing a young murder suspect. But who’s hunting her?
After a major setback, Jinx Ballou is determined to prove she’s still one of the best bounty hunters in Phoenix, Arizona. To do that, she must track down Holly Schwartz, a teenage murder suspect. Should be easy, right?
But Holly’s been missing for weeks and other bounty hunters have already failed to locate her. Can Jinx track her down before time runs out?

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