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Steamy Romance

Bought by the Billionaire Box Set
Elizabeth is a student working in a dead-end hotel job to makes ends meet, but dreaming of a better life. When she foolishly decides to shower in the penthouse bathroom of one of the hotel guests, it has consequences she did not expect.

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Wrong to Love You
I met a mysterious stranger on a magical cruise. His touch gave me the butterflies. I would immediately go weak in the knees. But it was all temporary. One week. That was the deal.

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Stalked by the Quarterback
After moving to Wilmore County, California when her father gets a job promotion, 17-year-old Lana is overwhelmed when she catches the eye of the high school star quarterback Jeremy Cross, the son of the most powerful and richest man in town. Lana and Jeremy fall head over heels in love with each other but when Lana finds out a devastating secret about Jeremy, she breaks it off, never wanting to see him again. But being a guy who always gets what he wants, Jeremy is not about to let the best thing that’s happened to him walk away.

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US UK and CA

Dark Falls Box Set 1-5
An investigation of jewelry store robberies across the city should have been routine for Detective John Sevier. But the woman he once thought he would marry owns a jewelry store, putting her in the line of fire and making this investigation anything but ordinary. Dark Secrets: Detective Nate Ryder knew the day Grace Lee stormed into his office that nothing would ever be the same. But can he keep the stunning forensic scientist safe as she unearths a drug ring and possible corruption in his own department? Dark Legacy: When true crime writer Ariel Hamilton returns to town to prove her father was not Dark Falls’ infamous X-Factor Killer, she and her high school sweetheart fall into the real killer’s trap.

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