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SciFi and Fantasy

To Earn the Sash
Decades before Grobennar earned his place as High Priest, he was just your above-average seeker-in-training—sort of. Each year the best seekers of the Academy are pitted against one another in a brutal race to capture dark wielders within the city of Sire Karth. The winner earns the glory, the sash, and the assurance that he or she will rise high within the Klerol. Grobennar has rallied others to his cause, but his nemesis, Rajuban, seeks the very same prize and is not without schemes of his own.

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A father and husband, traumatized by America’s rapid descent into a fascist police state, is shocked to discover the explanation for a series of mysterious seizures: He’s in the wrong universe. A quantum parasite has set him adrift amid various branching timelines. A drug trial promises to return him to the branch where he belongs. But it might be too good to be true.

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