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SciFi and Fantasy

Star Frog 127 and the Chaos Inception
Chief Frog 127 is a prime example of his species: a cunning, ruthless sneaker, hell-bent on clawing any advantage possible from a harsh and uncaring Universe. He might not be of high rank in the Space Force of the Glorious Hegemony of the Frogopolis, but by the Swamp God, he is one frog who is going places. What does it matter if sometimes he feels that something is badly, deeply wrong? After all, everyone has bad dreams.

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Hole in the Heart
Given her freakish ability to turn undead into ash, the Roosevelt Society welcomes Sarah as another monster hunter within their ranks. But killing monsters can’t heal the scars caused by the death of her friends. The despair weighs her down, even as a new terror emerges. A god walks the streets of Denver, a being that hasn’t appeared since the days of old when magic ruled science. His name alone inspires panic, and he is the only god fated to die—a fate he seeks to undo.

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