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SciFi and Fantasy

When you lose everything, can you trust a monster to help? When Benzel is a boy, his family is murdered and his village is destroyed by berserkers. Now grown, he dedicates his life to finding the berserkers responsible but is stymied at every turn by magic, dragons, and dragonslayers. Benzel meets a monster that can help him, but at what cost?

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Bad Moon Rising
All I want is to get out of my small town, where I’m branded a freak just because I happen to wear all black and draw gruesome monsters in my notebooks. I mean, sue a girl for loving horror movies, am I right? When a letter arrives saying I’ve been accepted to the mysterious Ravenwood Academy for the Exceptionally Gifted, I jump at the chance. Never mind that I’m not sure what I’m supposedly gifted at, or the fact that I don’t remember actually applying there. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.

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