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SciFi and Fantasy

Fragile Nights
Violence is a disease that hollows the mind Tyyr is a member of Valsair’s secret police. As part of the House of Ravens, she is the first to gather information for her king. She’s a killer, a spy; efficient and self-reliant. Rumors of a dissenting lord passes through the Houses, and Tyyr is sent to investigate. The heart of the matter is a mysterious jewel known as the Dragon’s Tear. Tyyr must take the gem back to the capital, but the mission becomes a game of cat-and-mouse when the new owners want their possession to remain a secret.

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Nocturnal Academy Complete Series Boxset
In a world ruled by vamps, being half fae and magicless sucks. You know what’s even worse? Being sold into slavery by your own mother. I am Onyx Logan, and my mother condemned me when she shipped me off to Nocturnal Academy. If I get lucky, the academy will mold me into a servant for rich vampires. If I’m not, I’ll become a courtesan. But if the vamps think I’ll take this lying down like a good little bitch, they’re wrong. I don’t have the means to escape Nocturnal Academy, but I have my eyes set on someone who does.

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Fae Prison Academy Complete Series Boxset
I thought if I played by the rules, I’d be spared from the cruelty of the vampires. Boy, was I wrong. My plant magic was supposed to keep me safe, but when a fertility plant that I created for a rich vamp is stolen, my neck is on the line. Not only do I lose my cushy position with my master vampire, but I’m also thrown into prison. A prison where in addition to slave labor, my self-esteem is decimated every single day.

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