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The Junkyard Dog
Chicago is Jimmy Flannery’s kind of town. A tough Irishman with street smarts, he is part of a political machine that runs on favors and friendships. Flannery’s particular piece of the patronage is the 27th Ward. Anything that happens there is his business. Even murder!

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Magic & Murder
Short on both cash and time, Ember Rose does her best as a single mom in New Jersey, serving up attitude along with repossession notices. When a repo job goes sideways, she and her daughter find themselves in imminent danger–until a visit from estranged relatives turns their world upside down. Ember, Marley, and their Yorkie are transported to Starry Hollow, a paranormal town where witches rule and magic is as normal as pizza. Where Ember goes, though, trouble seems to follow. When a member of the coven turns up dead and the sexy werewolf sheriff identifies Ember as a suspect, she decides to take matters into her own hands like only a Jersey girl can.

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The Last Thing She Saw…
Fifteen-year-old Noelle’s life is messy. Her dad left when she was little. Her mom would rather be someone’s girlfriend than her mother. And her half-sister pretty much hates her. With so much family drama to deal with, making friends is the last thing on Noelle’s mind. But when she receives a mysterious invitation inviting her to the cemetery at midnight, that all changes…

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