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Steamy Romance

Sweet Ride!
Katie Calhoun can multi-task like a pro. She can run a business, manage her life, and nurse her mentor back to health all at the same time. But as far as family goes…well, that’s outside her comfort zone. Her years in the foster system taught her it was best to bail when things got emotional. So when her mentor’s sexy nephew shows up, making her feel all the messy emotions she’s always tried so hard to avoid, Katie is thrown for a loop. This can’t possibly end happily…can it?

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Good in the Zak
I’ve been in love with Chance Zak since first grade. Yeah, THAT Chance Zak— America’s sexiest movie star. My brother’s best friend since we were kids. When he got married last year, I knew it was a PR stunt to sell a reality show about Chance and his lovable B-list bride, Daphne. Of course, Season One of GOOD IN THE ZAK was a huge hit. Watching my Forever Crush fake fall for his fake wife on every screen in town? NOT FUN.

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The Christmas Thief
It was supposed to be just one little lie, one small deceit that should’ve helped me get the job of my dreams. I didn’t know it would cost me my pride, my principles, and my Christmas. Jack Harden is a demanding, stubborn, and arrogant devil who stole my favorite holiday from me, and now I have to spend Christmas with him in New York.

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