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Against the Magic
Reese thinks she’s gotten over Jem Taylor—until he finds a way to tag along on her trip to England with her friends. She’s far from pleased. It only gets worse when they’re ripped nearly two centuries into the past. Reese finds her heart, and her choices, pulled in two very different directions. Victorian England is not the setting Jem Taylor planned on to right his wrongs, but it will have to do. Choosing his job over Reese was the worst mistake he ever made, and he won’t lose her again. But to win her heart back, he’ll have to fight the magic that brought her to that time—and an earl with the means to keep her there.

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The Billionaire’s Practice Kiss
Ellery knows it wasn’t a real kiss. He was only practicing so it wouldn’t be so awkward when he kissed the girl he was actually in love with. She’s nothing but a stand-in… the second-choice substitute. She knows it in her head. Too bad her heart isn’t listening. Logan’s feelings for Ellery are stronger than anything he’s felt before. Way stronger than what he felt for his ex-fiance. If only he could convince Ellery of that.

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