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Four hundred years after the Final War, Earth has been reduced to a few pieces of habitable continent. Men are dying off. Women are genetically altered to survive. The genetic deviants are cast away in the ghetto. On Lower Earth, the largest remaining known landmass, disparate peoples fight against each other, the land, and the illnesses the war left behind.

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Gills: A Novel
Georgia Woodrow isn’t winning any prizes for Daughter of the Year–it’s been far too long since she last visited home, for starters. But after receiving a late-night phone call from her father, she finds it impossible to stay away… Georgia’s sister has gone missing. Sixteen years old, vanished in the dead of night, and hardly a clue to go on. No friends, no lovers, no belongings taken. However, after flying home to be with their father, Georgia soon uncovers a strange secret of her sister’s–a dark fascination Georgia can’t begin to understand, but which leads her to the dark shores at the edge of town…

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