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Mail Order Sarah
Noah Bailey never imagined he’d take in a passel of ragged orphans. But the good Lord had other plans. In a single reckless moment, Noah goes from a gruff loner to a protective father of six. The rugged cowboy has things figured out. Mostly. The only thing missing is a mama for his boys. What he needs is a sturdy woman who can provide big, hearty meals and offer the boys a kind word or two. They haven’t ever known a mother’s gentle care. A mail-order wife of convenience, one who can cook, would suit him and the boys just fine.

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Canvas of Time
A story about two people looking for each other lifetime after lifetime. A peasant and a botanist in a distant galaxy; a princess and a slave in Thebes, Egypt during the Middle Kingdom; a soldier and a nurse in the first and second world war; a photo journalist and an artist in Los Angeles, California; Canvas of Time is the story of two soulmates on a journey to find each other across time. What would you do for love and how far would you go?

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