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The Aria of Galvanize
A hero born of cybernetic experimentation…Incarnate Number Seven, a cybernetically enhanced young woman with no memories and only a basic operating system, awakens to a devastated world painted in blood, desperation, and genocide. Guided only by a moody artificial intelligence program and scattered digital memories into the past, Seven must traverse the perilous Gateway region, fighting past its savage inhabitants and monsters to learn who she was and what happened to her world. Maybe, if she’s lucky, she’ll even save what’s left of humanity in the process…

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Kill Wu
Bradley Anderson arrives in Tokyo, Japan to exact his revenge against the man who killed his family: Andy Wu, Bradley’s former boss and the world’s leading producer of snuff films. In Tokyo, during his assault on Wu’s properties, he runs into a young woman with the same goal—kill Wu. She introduces herself as Mizuki ‘Misty’ Himura, who was raped by Wu’s employees in the United States. With the help from an ally, she’s been hunting Wu for the better part of a year.

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