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Settling for More
Nothing ever seems to change for 29-year-old Abby, finding herself in a rut after failed attempts at business and still living in her parents’ basement. A surprise New Year’s Eve brush with an old flame ignites her resolve to do something about her stagnant life and sets off ripple effects that touch the lives of friends and family in ways she never dreamed. But not everyone is thrilled with her new, empowered lifestyle. As she focuses on self-improvement, the most selfless decision she makes could actually prove deadly. Will she get her second chance for a happily-ever-after, or was the decision to change her life a fatal one?

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A Viscount’s Heart for Christmas
An innocent young beauty, a seasoned spy and a mystery in the north that rages out of control sending their worlds on a collision course no one could foresee. Charles Bainbridge, Viscount Edgerton, is the regional spymaster and has no time for a wife. His work for the Home Office is a top priority for him, that is, until he meets Lady Courtney Darkin, the sister of his best friend the Duke of Wetherby. The last time he saw her, she was running wild, her pigtails flying behind her at the duke’s country estate. She wasn’t a little girl anymore and Edgerton felt like a thunder bolt had struck him when he first laid eyes on her. But he wasn’t the only one with an eye on the young beauty.

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