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Steamy Romance

Black Sheep
My club brothers call me Boy Scout. Hell, if I ain’t an enforcer with a heart of gold. I avoid women, knowing they’re trouble, and I don’t take chances anymore. My hands stay clean when they’re not covered in blood for the club. My life is downright dull until I meet Justice Sheerer and realize I haven’t been really living.

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Her Dirty Rockers
Dirty Bandit. The hottest band in the world. Talented. Good looking. And the biggest jerks ever. Yeah, every girl loves a bad boy rockstar. Or three.
But what about stuck-on-themselves too-cool-for-school party boys who can’t keep their d*cks in their pants? Who also happened to make my life a living hell ten years ago? No thanks.

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Royally Matched
Who knew choosing the wrong woman could feel so right? Most people think being royal is all about money, power, and fame.
When really, it’s more about public service, hard work, and doing what’s expected. My father, the king, is not in the best of health, so I’m supposed to get married, and continue the royal line. I have little dealings with women in general, so I hire a matchmaker to vet some candidates.

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