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Maddy’s Justice
In his most complex—and harrowing—case yet, Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Marc Kadella has inadvertently poked a whole den of bears—a psychopathic billionaire who’s trafficking in kidnapped teenagers, and—worse yet—the lawyers who’re abetting him. When Marc’s associate, Connie Mickelson, asks for his help with a case, the lovable curmudgeon signs up to defend a high-profile law firm in what appears to be merely a moderately distasteful sexual harassment lawsuit involving the firm’s main rainmaker.

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The Secret of Rosalita Flats
Most people dream of being stuck on a tropical island, but Cal Batten just wants to sell his dad’s ramshackle, football-shaped house, fly home and pay off his creditors. Problem is, his dad’s will’s gone missing, what passes for an attorney has his own agenda and the whacky locals may tear the house apart to get at the gold and jewels they reckon are hidden inside. There’s also his childhood former-best friend, now a beautiful scuba instructor, who just might drown him out of spite. Cal has to dodge sharks—on land and under water—if he’s to unload the house and escape the crazy little rock.

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Murder in Acapulco Box Set
Emilia Cruz is the first and only female detective on the Acapulco police force. The other detectives want to force her out and each lieutenant is worse than the one before. Meanwhile, Acapulco is the epicenter of the drug war. Mexican drug cartels battle for control and politicians are bought with blood money. Murder sets a new record every week.

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