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Steamy Romance

The Christmas Fountain
Elementary school teacher Mary Alice Reed wanted a nice, stable guy to share her happily ever after. When she thought she’d found him, everyone tried to tell her that the guy she thought was her Mr. Right, was really Mr. Somebody Else’s. Living with a town’s worth of I-told-you-so isn’t easy, but she’s coping. And definitely taking a break from love in order to get past her last disaster to chair her favorite Christmas charity.

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The Androgynous Love Tale
No one seems to know whether Vic Rash is Victor or Victoria. Vic, however, is just Vic and not fussy… although it would be nice to meet a man (or a woman) who just knew. Having escaped their sordid past, Vic might have been happy in the new, respectable job, but for Devlin Knightsbridge. Devlin the paragon, with his gorgeous smile and oozing charm. Devlin, the lion of masculinity, whom everyone loved. How Vic hated that man.

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Final Serenade
Music journalist Cassy Evans believes her career is made when she snags an exclusive interview with rock singer Frankie Blade. Once a superstar of the generation, Frankie has been a recluse since a freak motorcycle incident sent his own career into a tailspin seven years ago. Now that he’s returned to claim back his crown, Cassy hopes to kill two birds with one stone—secure her magazine a top spot in the rankings and meet with the man of her adolescent dreams.

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