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Christmas on Madrona Island
Christmas time has arrived on Madrona Island and the three best friends, Lily, Kyla, and Jude, are navigating the joyful chaos of the season. They have supported each other through difficult and happy times over the years, and now hope for the best holiday season ever. With a Christmas baby on the way, and now confined to her bed, Kyla is hoping that her pregnancy goes without a hitch. Meanwhile, Jude is juggling raising her rambunctious toddler all while managing Island Thyme Café; and at the height of her B&B’s seasonal rush, Lily is faced with a last minute change that could threaten to derail all of their holiday plans.

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A Christmas Match
Lady Charity is a little disappointed. With her older sisters now wed, it is her turn to experience London society but, unfortunately, she must attend during the winter, when it is quiet and a little less exciting. However, determined to do her best, she steps into a wintery London and into society. Guided by Lady Hayward, Charity finds herself rather delighted with society – all save for one particular gentleman who, for whatever reason, has never a kind word to say to anyone. Despite knowing she should step away, Charity finds herself quite intrigued by him, wondering what it might be that troubles him so and soon finds herself quite determined to improve his demeanour.

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Five Gold Rings
As the web of lies that kept Rob away from Vera and their daughter unravels, the months following his return test their capacity for mercy, forgiveness, and a second chance at love.

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