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Gorilla Killer
On 20th February 1926, landlady Clara Newman (60) opened her door to a potential tenant who enquired into the availability of one of her rooms. Despite his grim and bulky appearance, he introduced himself politely, in a soft-spoken voice whilst clutching a Bible in one of his large hands. She invited him in. The moment he stepped into her home, he lunged forwards, wrapping his over-sized fingers around her throat and forced her to the ground. She couldn’t scream. He had learned the dangers of a scream. She slowly slipped into darkness. Given what would follow, it was probably a kindness.

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Hope When it Hurts
Hope for the Moment is a collection of what we’re calling Devotional Stories, real stories by real people about a real God. There are some heavy moments, but in every story, hope is found and God is glorified. These serve to remind of God’s faithfulness and goodness. While most of the Christian writers in this collection are women, it can serve to encourage anyone of any age. Writers from around the world have contributed to this collaboration. We celebrate the international feel and have retained author styles.

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