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SciFi and Fantasy

Savage Hearts
When three men from a warrior tribe collide with her attackers, it’s all Adelita can do to hold on to her secret, and what’s left of her heart. There are many things the warriors are known for, but kindness isn’t one of them. Yet the longer they travel together, the more Adelita realizes there’s more to them than muscle and magic… and more to her than her secret.

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Entanglement Bound
Clarity’s home is her spaceship. Living on the move. Planet to planet. When money trouble forces Clarity and her traveling companion, Irohann, to take on passengers, Irohann worries his secret identity will be revealed. He’s a canine alien on the run from an empire of sentient plants, and their queen has a personal vendetta against him. But Clarity believes his fears are unfounded and the Doraspians gave up on him long ago.

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Free Trader Complete Omnibus
With a vision of a world free from war, one man and a cat set out to make their fortune. The most lucrative? Trading in tech of the ancients. If he can find it. If he can determine its value. If he can bring the tech to willing buyers. But then everything changes. It becomes bigger than Braden and the Golden Warrior. Other sentient creatures join him on his quest.

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