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Steele Shield
Some may call Detective Jasmine Steele stubborn; others contrarian. At the very least she’s old-fashioned. So she’s looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet after finally tying the knot with her longtime better-half Frankie. Unfortunately, fate has other plans when the newlyweds’ best friend, rising-star actress Hadley Moreno, turns up on their doorstep, hysterical. Seems a perp broke into her upscale apartment and ransacked the place—with a creepy dollop of reverence. In fact, the whole crime scene looks far too personal for comfort. What’s more, it looks like the deed was done by a professional. And it was long-planned. But that’s nothing compared to the discovery of Hadley’s boyfriend Logan, who’s found poisoned in his own home.

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The Ghosts of Miller’s Crossing
Ghosts and demons openly wander around the small town of Miller’s Crossing. To keep the peace, 250 years ago a family was assigned to be “keepers” to protect the realm of the living from their “visitors”. There is just one problem. No one told Edward Meyer that responsibility has now fallen to him. Tragedy struck Edward twice. The first robbed him of his childhood and the truth behind who and what he is. The second, cost him his wife, sending him back to Miller’s Crossing to start over with his two children.

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