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Dismembered bodies of women for hire litter the sides of the road in rural Tennessee. It has happened before, thirty years prior. Not knowing if the murders are that of a copycat or the original killer making a reappearance, Agent Hank Rawlings, along with Agent Beth Harper, is once again dispatched to the scene. With little help from the local authorities and limited resources at their disposal, Hank, Beth, and a local agent are tasked with pulling back the layers of deceit to circle closer to the man responsible.

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Vengeance, A Legal Thriller
Andy Owens was drunk the night Nate McClellan fell off his father’s yacht. Although his memory is hazy and the evidence is stacked against him, Andy sincerely believes that he didn’t kill his best friend. But no one, including his defense attorneys, will believe him. Andy’s legal credentials aren’t sterling. He was almost last in his law school class, and he flunked the bar twice. But no one else is willing to search for the truth. Andy has no choice, but he isn’t prepared for what he finds.

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