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Steamy Romance

Noah Fierce has always been called bossy or the leader in the Fierce family. But to the women he dated, he just didn’t measure up enough. He wasn’t going to change who he was or what he loved to please anyone, keeping him single longer than desired. Paige Parker found herself the guardian of her nephew when her sister was convicted of murder. She was determined to devote everything she had to give him a normal life, even if it meant putting her own life on hold. After all, what man wanted to get mixed up in her drama?

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One Summer
Jasmine and Basil had no idea that the resort they’ve been going to for years is really a resort for swingers! Wife-swapping, partner sharing; twosomes, threesomes and more. It all happens at the Aurora resort, and Jasmine and Basil’s excitement builds when they consider all the sexy possibilities of swinging. Soon, Wyatt and his big, brawny hotness catch Jasmine’s eye. Basil doesn’t mind one bit when he meets Wyatt’s sexy-as-hell wife Carson. This is summer will be hotter than ever when they find out their new friends are looking for a couple to swap with.

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The Russian Bodyguard
I cannot stand this prissy brat who practically throws herself at every guy she meets. Yet I’m tasked with babysitting her. The pakhan’s daughter tests my patience, makes me want to break out in uncontrolled violence, or maybe just throw her down to show her what all her teasing does to a real man. She’s untouchable. Until a Russian rival mafia comes seeking revenge. I’m about to teach the printsessa a lesson she’ll never forget, and I guarantee she’s the one who will be taking my orders from now on.

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