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The Facility
Seventeen-year-old Anya Macklin longs to feel safe again after escaping a rebel attack that killed her parents. Stuck in her own fear, her only hope of breaking free is by joining a machine-run training facility and learning how to survive. Pitted against other teenagers in multiple game-like scenarios, Anya shakes off her fear to become stronger and more resilient. But when the facility pushes her to kill her competition, she’s shocked by its cruelty.

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The Influencer
A Romanian sorcerer. A nudist limo driver obsessed with Back to the Future. A ten-foot-tall vigilante who mutilates their victims…and one old man who has been keeping a secret for half a century. Out in the desert, a chasm opens that glows crimson below. The possessed, cellphones drilled into their heads, run wild through the streets of New York. And, a 24-hour MDMA-fueled dance party surrounding a site of ancient evil.

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US UK and CA

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