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Santa Lucia
An Italian café. A barista with an eye for trouble. And a village determined to create as much as possible. Chiara has presided over the espresso machine at Bar Birbo for as long as anyone can remember. In Santa Lucia, this is the only place to go for a cappuccino served with a side of gossip. The town’s residents rely on each other and feel almost like a family, but their secrets are kept well hidden. While romance is in the air for some, the truth behind the love affairs is far more complicated than anyone can imagine.

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The Intergalactic Interloper
When an aspiring musician spots a giant two-headed turtle on a nearby rooftop he suspects the otherworldly creature may have something to do with his cat’s mysterious disappearance. He sets out to track down the missing feline with the help of his bandmate and together they follow a trail of clues that leads inexorably upwards. Meanwhile, the interstellar visitor becomes increasingly alarmed as its presence on the roof becomes compromised.

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Children of the Knight
When 14-year-old Lance is saved from death, his life is forever changed. For starters, his savior claims to be King Arthur, the once and future ruler of ancient Britain. Lance has met lots of weirdos on the streets of L.A., and they claim to be many things. But this “king” not only reeks of sincerity, he wears armor, rides a gorgeous white horse, and lives in the storm drains underneath the city! Arthur has a throne, old-school clothes, and weapons up the wazoo. Swords, daggers, bows and arrows—the kind Lance has only seen in movies.

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Great Aunt Patti is dead. Gloria Watson would probably feel a little sadder at that news if she had known about Great Aunt Patti in the first place. Growing up an only child, all she had was her grandmother. After Nana’s passing, Gloria thought she was the last one left in her family. Well, she is. Since Great Aunt Patti is dead and all. That’s okay. The nice lawyer who wrote her a letter assured Gloria that her great aunt lived a long, happy life in a small town that Gloria has never heard of. And now, as her next of kin, everything she owned belongs to Gloria.

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