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Dark Cure
In this medical thriller, biotech executive Sal Maggio plans to resettle his extended family in remote northern Canada out of the pandemic’s reach. A researcher from Sal’s company shares her experimental treatment that cures his near-death pregnant daughter and her unborn child. Sal’s ex-boss conspires to bankrupt the company in return for the drug’s ownership. Sal refuses to relinquish the last of the miracle cure or its formula.

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Snow Creek
Footprints were scattered about like fallen leaves. She looked down into the ravine, and once more her lungs filled with fear. A body, blackened and motionless lay splayed out in the bushes. When Ruth Turner walks into the Sheriff’s office in Jefferson County’s Port Townsend claiming her sister Ida Watson has been missing for over a month, Detective Megan Carpenter’s instincts tell her that she needs to do more than just file a report.

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