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SciFi and Fantasy

Dreadmarrow Thief
Sixteen-year-old Tessa Skye, a locksmith’s apprentice, loves to shapeshift into a sparrow using a windrider—a forbidden magical amulet. During one of her outings, she accidentally reveals herself to the Conjurer Lord Fellstone. The tyrant sends his knights after her, resulting in the murder of her father. Driven to reverse his fate, Tessa and her two companions embark on a perilous quest seeking love, revenge, and a cure for death.

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Earth Song
Lauren didn’t ask to be a hero. But one night during the graveyard shift at Jodrell Bank she captured an astonishing fast radio burst from an alien race. And just like that, the fate of the world was thrust into her hands. Now she’s put everything on the line to blow open the conspiracy of silence surrounding UFOs. She’s on the run from MI5 and a secret organization determined to stop her. After a year of dead ends and a heart-breaking personal tragedy, she’s on the verge of being forced to abandon her personal crusade.

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