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SciFi and Fantasy

Division of the Marked
Yarrow is a pacifist and a scholar. When a marked girl is murdered, he turns to ancient prophecy for answers. He believes this death to be a harbinger. But to learn more, Yarrow must leave the safety of his library… And work with the enemy. For years, Bray and her friends have hunted murderers, shedding blood as necessary. When a marked girl is killed, she forms a delegation to investigate. But this crime involves both orders. The enemy sends an expert, too – an academic with no experience. A spy.

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The Last Descendant
Cambridge, England. American Pathologist Dr. Abby Whiting longs to know why she never gets sick. The sole survivor of a horrific outbreak two decades ago, she’s certain the answer must lie in her medical records held under lock and key at a mysterious clinic. But standing in the way of her access to classified files is a charismatic, centuries-old vampire. Tasked with replicating the secrets of the dying predator’s blood, he proposes an uneasy alliance in exchange for her documents. But her research soon sends her down a path strewn with murdered clinicians, a vengeful detective, and an obsessed rival in search of fresh souls. And even worse, her shocking findings reveal a disturbingly outrageous truth.

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