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Bed and Breakfast and Murder
Fiona Fleming hoped inheriting her grandmother’s B&B would mean escape from city life and her cheating ex. She figured the most excitement she’d face would be making beds, dealing with pesky customers and the awful stench coming from her second-hand pug, Petunia. Instead, she finds herself the prime suspect in the murder of the town blackmailer. Why did he have to die in her koi pond?

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Behind the Lies
With nowhere else to go but a house bequeathed to her from an old friend, Olivia Morgan finds herself back in Oak River. The small town holds memories of abuse, neglect, and sorrow, but also stirs up longings she’d thought were long buried. She thinks she can live in seclusion, but resisting the kindness of an elderly neighbor, her tenacious younger sister, and the magnetic attraction of the most handsome man she’s ever seen, is undoing the best of intentions.

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