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Purrfect Cut
When Leonidas Flake, the world-renowned fashion designer and style icon, is found murdered by his live-in boyfriend Gabriel Crier, police are quickly convinced it’s an open-and-shut case. After all, Leo’s killer was caught red-handed. Grandma Muffin is not so sure, though, and decides to dig a little deeper. Max and the other cats, meanwhile, are on strike. They feel very strongly that Odelia has been neglecting them lately and they need to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately their strike lands Max and Dooley in more danger than they anticipated, especially when they get mixed up in the saga of Pussy, Leo and Gabe’s famous and very Instagramable white Birman. Soon they are faced with their most formidable foe yet, a Siamese cat appropriately named Tank.

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Meet Scarlet Haslewood, a con artist with a weakness for stylish hats, French pastry, and stealing things. And she’s good at what she does. Really good. So now she’s set her sights on the most audacious con of her career: selling the Mona Lisa. After all, stealing it is just, well, too easy. And besides, it’s been done before. But convincing someone to pay you a fortune for something you don’t even own? Now there’s a challenge!

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Die By The Pen
A world-renowned novelist and his wife are found dead in their East Florida beach home — with no apparent cause. Something outrageous has been done to the bodies. Another best-selling author is killed on the other side of Florida. This time the cause of death is obvious. Are the two murders related? Connected? The MOs are completely different. The killers appear to be unstoppable, and to have some mad, crazy plan.

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