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SciFi and Fantasy

Dead Love
I never imagined being dead would feel so alive… Some people just refuse accept death. But death has its own benefits. It grants some abilities that living persons do not have. I am a case in point. My life was abruptly truncated at an early age and now I am ready to do anything to reunite with my love, who is still alive. But this union is almost impossible. Almost. Everything changed when I found a unique way to feel alive again. It feels so tangible that sometimes I forget that I’m dead. But as time goes by, I realize that my personal goal, as important as it is to me, still hurts others.

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The Shadow Order
If there’s a problem in the galaxy no one else can fix, the Shadow Order get a call. A team pulled together because of their individual talents, the Shadow Order have little time for rest as they embark on one dangerous mission after the next, fighting volatile creatures on hostile planets. Although when their goals begin to clash with their morals, they start asking questions.

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