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Jasmine Steele Mysteries Vol. 1-5
This bundle of Kimberly Amato’s complete Jasmine Steele detective series is made-to-order for fans of hard-boiled police procedurals and badass female sleuths… not to mention bargains! Those who can’t get enough of the exciting new wave of hard-boiled women sleuths, created by writers like Megan Abbott, Laura Lippmann, Lisa Lutz, and Vicki Hendricks will love Amato’s take-no-prisoners style, her unflinching attention to harrowing detail, and her tough-as-nails but soft-hearted detective.

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Wreck of the Raptor
When he falls for a Spanish beauty on the island of Grand Cayman, he hatches a plan to escape… but if his cold-blooded boss, Gabriel Cavero, finds out, his scheme will turn deadly. 45 years later, Hazel Delacroix arrives on Grand Cayman to enjoy a Scuba diving holiday with AJ Bailey’s Mermaid Divers. The two quickly become close, but AJ soon discovers Hazel’s interest in diving wrecks has less to do with recreational diving, and more to do with what happened in ’74.

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Marc Kadella Mystery Series Vol 3-6
In the third The third Marc Kadella legal mystery, an adorable—and photogenic—two-year-old girl is kidnapped, and, when her remains are found, her twenty-two-year-old widowed mother Brittany is charged with her murder. But before she can even be charged she’s been tried and convicted by the media, at the center of which is Melinda Pace, a cynical, mostly-functioning alcoholic Minneapolis television personality with a “legal news” show called The Court Reporter. Not even in the alternative universe of television news could she be described as a reporter, since she makes no attempt at or pretense of presenting the truth, or even the facts. She does do a great job of producing through-the-roof ratings and whipping the public into a frenzy—with tragic consequences.

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US UK and CA

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