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SciFi and Fantasy

Mystic Bonds
My transition into a supernatural creature was the only reason I survived the apocalypse. I thought that was the worst I’d ever have to endure, but I was definitely wrong. With half the human population wiped out and a majority of the survivors developing a power of their own, the non-gifted humans aren’t happy with their station in life. My brother and I have to go on the run from humans who want to steal our magical blood for a power-inducing serum. Our only hope for survival, and the continued existence of the friends we left behind, is to find a hidden paranormal city and the literal man of my dreams.

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The Nova Chronicles
Ozone and burnt plastic. That’s how Nova’s Monday starts. Sure, her grimy reflection says heart-of-steel but sometimes it’d be nice to test that. Sabotaged in the outer reaches of space, Nova is put blaster-to-blaster with the Confederacy. Her plans for early retirement left on the last starliner, and now she’s got to deal with ancient aliens and government overlords.

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