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Lion Dad
Are you confused about how to position your child for college admissions?
Do you want to know the best way to succeed in every aspect of the elite school admissions process?? Or any college? Are you undecided about which college to apply for? I know what you are going through and it’s not fun. I have recently been where you are now and know what works in todays Pandemic Era. I know what kept me up at night, where to get solid advice, how to do extremely well in high school and beyond.

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The Art of Breaking Through
Louise Valentine is a wellness expert, competitive athlete, and fierce military spouse. Her career is focused on helping leaders identify solutions to our most challenging wellness problems. Additionally, she has faced her own dynamic journey overcoming obstacles within her military lifestyle and personal health. Whether you are training for a sports competition, facing a health diagnosis, or taking on a personal goal, this book sets out to show how we are ALL perfectly capable of overcoming any challenge life brings our way!

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52 Projects
This collection of projects is a roadmap to an artistic, meditative adventure. It allows for exploring and further developing the stories and unique elements of your life — the past, the ones you love, immediate and distant surroundings, your nighttime dreams as well as your visions of a hopeful future. Whether it’s through journaling, the lens of your camera, or a paintbrush, the projects provide a rich source of ideas to seize upon the impulse to create, leading to less stress and ever-more motivation, self-esteem, and personal transformation.

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