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The Nine Commandments
The revelations in this book will alarm you. Sexual sin is permeating through church congregations and church leadership at astonishing rates, with 54% of pastors viewing pornography within the past year. Six million children are dying from starvation, and 554,000 Americans are homeless, while the American Christian Church could feed every starving child three meals a day throughout the year, and could feed and house every homeless American, for less than 5% of the Church’s annual income. Something is seriously wrong with the Church.

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A Hungarian Portrait
Hungary, 1944. Yoshke’s life is thrown into disarray. His wife Martha’s friend, a Nazi recruit, makes a split-second decision to send him to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, a decision that may seal his fate. Martha, stunned and hurt, refuses to forget. Israel, present. The sudden illness of Noa, the Schwartz family’s youngest daughter, forces them to attain a significant sum of money for an urgent operation, and they are at a loss.

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