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Even Odds
Double crossed Double agents Doubling down…She’s putting her heart and her life on the line. Raine Meyers is only alive today because of the heroic efforts of the Delta Force Echo Team. It’s time to pay that debt. As an undercover defense intelligence officer, Raine tracks a Russian threat to the Delta Force wives left vulnerable while their husbands are downrange protecting the U.S. FBI Special Agent in Charge Damian Prescott, former Delta Force Operator – also Raine’s former fiancé, falls quite literally into the middle of her operation.

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Domino Die
CJ Brink is about to walk away from his vigilante past when a gun is pointed at him. That doesn’t go well for anybody, including CJ who ends up on the wrong side of the law. Facing a lifetime behind bars, he makes powerful allies who offer him a way out. All he has to do is kill his old boss, Vance Preston, the man behind the death of his friend. There’s only one catch. Whose side are they on? Preston is holed up in his fortress in Spain, brokering a deal for a game-changing weapon that threatens to start a Middle East war and change the balance of world power.

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US UK and CA

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