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A Prairie Heritage
One Family, steeped in the love and grace of God, indomitable in their faith, tried and tested in the fires of life, passing forward a legacy to change their world. Immerse yourself in the world of the American prairie of the 1800s and witness this family as they demonstrate the courage and overcoming spirit born of faith in God.

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As a single mom to her younger siblings, Candace Callaghan is too busy catching up on car payments—and the mortgage, don’t forget—to complicate her life with love. But when an incident at The Coffee Mug brings out her inner mama-bear, Marcus Sigurdsson swoops in from the north—like way north—and ends the confrontation with the chill factor of Galdhøpiggen.

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Hollywood and Ivy
He’s got a million fans, but I’m not one of them. Sure, I’ve watched every movie he’s starred in. And yes, I read all the tabloids he’s on the cover of. But that’s only because it was my job as a gossip blogger. I stopped actually caring about him the night he stood me up for our high school prom.

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