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Steamy Romance

During a chance meeting, Isabelle Brahn fell at Isaac Holt’s feet—literally. His enigmatic personality, dominant nature, and all-round sexiness were qualities she had only ever dreamed about. Although certain his eyes were hiding an arsenal of secrets, the immediate connection between her and the brooding businessman was undeniable. With lines crossed and a date penciled in, things were set to get roasting. . . until fate intervened. Even being her first week on the job won’t alter the facts: federal agents aren’t allowed to date their targets.

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Yo Ho Ho
Maxine Quinn loved her job covering the Detroit Pirates for the city’s oldest newspaper. She still got excited to interview players, attend games, and have her stories show up on the front page of the Detroit Herald. Max also prided herself on her professionalism – except for that time a year ago when she had a one-night stand with the team’s star defenseman.

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Dead Souls MC
Motorcycle Romance best selling author, Savannah Rylan, brings you her hottest series to date! The Dead Souls Complete Collection features ten interconnected stories, with hot biker boys and the feisty women who try to tame them. Kidnapping, murders, money laundering, you name it and these guys have had to handle it. But can they handle the heat when it comes to the women who steal their hearts?

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Rocking His FAKE World
From the moment we met, it was like gasoline on a fire. One touch was all it took. He pretended to be my boyfriend to get me out of a shitty situation. And I took him home to show my…appreciation. From the very beginning, Daniel and I knew this was temporary, a fantasy. We made a deal early on that when I left on tour with my band, whatever was between us would end.
After all, I could never ask him to put his life on hold for me.
And as far as I was concerned, this was just us getting each other out of our system.

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