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A Tower Below The Sea
Six people, all up for a good party. They work for Global Companion, a multi-national corporation, and are now airlifted to a yacht anchored in the Atlantic. A one-week luxury vacation is awaiting the winners of the company sweepstakes. However, they are in for a tragic disappointment. A heavy storm forces the chopper’s pilot to risk an emergency landing on a darkened offshore oil rig, whose crew seems to have gone AWOL. Pools of blood strongly point to gruesome happenings on board. Soon, the first brutal murder occurs. Who is behind it? And who will be slaughtered next? The only answer seems to be death, an evil force which shrouds this island made of steel like a blood-red veil …

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US UK and CA

The End Time Saga Boxed Set
In the dark primal jungles of the Congo River Basin, a deadly microbe is mutating at breakneck speed. Before the world can react, a deadly viral outbreak is ravaging the local populations. A team of counterterrorism agents is sent to retrieve a doctor in the collapsing nation…but this is just the knock on the door for the end of the world. 

$0.99! Click Here!
US UK and CA

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