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Steamy Romance

I stormed into a Russian gym, and threatened an MMA champ, with sinfully dark eyes and dangerous muscles. Of course, I’d already cursed every Russian by the time I got to him. He introduced himself as Vassili Resnov, my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. Only idiots threaten Resnovs, and then they die–which is logical. The Resnov Bratva is the largest crime syndicate in Russia, maybe the world.

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Girls in the City
After medical school, Alison Saint lands the coveted surgical residency at her father’s alma mater in San Diego, but it means saying goodbye to Eddie for good. The first week in the OR, she catches the eye of Rich Mortimer, hunky chief resident. She doesn’t want to start anything with him though because that transition she’s longing for is in the plan. But her heart has other ideas. What’s in store for Alison Saint?

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One Hot Holiday
Hiding out for the holiday season in the heart of the South? Not something that Haley Quick ever expected to have on her to-do list but then…she never expected her ex to want her dead, either. Turns out, life is full of surprises. Time to deal. Haley has ditched New York for a crazy little dot on the map known as Point Hope, Alabama. It’s a town gone extra crazy for the holidays, and Haley is sticking out like a sore thumb with her very much Grinch-self.

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