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Lunar Rampage
Twenty-six-year-old Cora Nash is a sweet, quirky aspiring photographer with big dreams, but for now, her biggest concern is renovating her grandmother’s storm damaged home in the small woodsy town of Rookridge. When she arrives in the tight-knit community, it doesn’t take her long to figure out she doesn’t exactly fit in, so she does what she thinks is best—keep to herself. That plan works… until it doesn’t.

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Extinction Shadow
Eight years ago, an engineered virus ravaged the globe, infecting and transforming humans into apex predators called Variants. Billions died, civilization collapsed, and the human race teetered on the brink of extinction. Nations banded together and heroes rose up to fight these abominations. On the front lines, Captain Reed Beckham and Master Sergeant Joe “Fitz” Fitzpatrick of Delta Force Team Ghost fought against the Variant hordes. With the aid of CDC Doctor Kate Lovato, they helped lead humanity to victory.

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