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SciFi and Fantasy

Red Gambit
Jarek Slater was never a hero. Okay, rarely a hero. Fine, SOMETIMES a hero. But never for free. Or, like, never when the dirty bastards didn’t kinda deserve it anyway. Look, it’s complicated being a decent man in a world ravaged by raknoth invasion and lawless marauders. Or was complicated, at least. Right up until those red-eyed pricks had to go and steal his exosuit, too. You don’t steal a man’s exosuit. You just don’t.

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Metal and Men, The Boxed Set
In a Texas ruined by tech, city folk hide in their polished towers while the working men and women of Dead Oak hardly see the food they scrape up out of the dust.Then, a rancher is murdered. Sheriff J.D. Crow hunts the killer, but there’s more to this rancher than advertised. What he’ll find leads him on a journey hotter than the Texas sun.

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