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Borrowing Amor
Two weeks before Christmas, Katie is kicked out of her apartment. Again. Rather than wander the streets and continue to work for a dirty cop, she escapes, determined to disappear for good. Until her car breaks down in a small New Mexican town, and everything is threatened when she falls for the charming mayor. Sam Freedman is the first bachelor mayor of Amor. After convincing the locals that having a mayor without family responsibilities means he can dedicate all of his time to the community, they watch his every move. Then Katie Andersen shows up. Against Sam’s better judgement, he hires her to replace his former event coordinator. Now he can barely think straight, let alone run a town.

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Sunset on Whisling Island
Bess Wilder’s entire life changes with one sentence: “I’m so sorry, Bess.” Her husband, Jon, has betrayed her, and she isn’t sure what to do or feel. Her entire life was dedicated to Jon and her children. Everything is wrong and life feels like it will never be right. So what can she do? Perfect Olivia Birmingham is keeping a huge secret. Her marriage has been a sham for years. But as long as no one knows the truth, Olivia figures she can deal with the loneliness. It’s the shame that she wouldn’t be able to stand. But when the truth comes out at the worst time and place, Olivia has to move on, whether she likes it or not.

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Never Say Necklace
Carlie has spent her entire life searching for Cleopatra’s necklace that was lost centuries ago. When the news finally comes that her research has paid off, she won’t let anything get in her way—including hunky Braden, a fellow professor who seems to be watching her every move. Braden works undercover for an agency going after artifacts throughout the world. But when his latest quest means taking the necklace from the woman he’s been secretly in love with for months, things take a drastic turn.

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