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The Aleutian Portal
A Russian cargo ship sinks in the shallow waters of the Bering Strait, and somehow vanishes without a trace. In the Colorado Plateau Desert, a cowboy follows a river of sand into an undiscovered ruin. A tunnel-boring operation between the Alaskan and Siberian peninsulas is stalled when its largest burrowing machine disappears into an abyss.

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Blood Republic
Blood Republic is a cerebral political-thriller for a divided modern America. First published in the summer of 2016, as the United States now spirals further into dangerous tensions, many are commenting on the eerie, almost prophetic, similarities between this novel and America 2020. Written prior to Donald Trump’s election, the rise of Anitfa, Qanon conspiracies, RussiaGate, and the most recent BLM protests, this book will have you amazed, frightened, and unable to stop reading.

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