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SciFi and Fantasy

Water Witch
Alaysha can kill with a mere thought. She’s a water witch, a unique young woman with magic that can control the element with such precision it dries living things to mere husks. But it’s also a power she can’t control. And that makes her even more deadly. Forced to live on the fringes of her village, she’s an outcast who is feared and loathed. Her war-mongering father uses her as a weapon to conquer more and more lands. She’s desperate to earn his love and respect. She’ll do anything to win his acceptance. And she has. Terrible things.

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Blazing Ashes
My name is Katya… and I’m not crazy. Sounds kind of funny that I start the story that way, right? Trust me, it’s anything but. It all started when I got these bloody migraines and began hearing voices. I was pretty sure I’d lost it. And then the voices turn out to be two hot-as-hell guardians, here to guide me on my quest to purge the world of evil. Because apparently, that’s what I was born to do. The kicker? They’re not human.

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